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Students watch a video of a segment from an Oprah Winfry show featuring Randy Pausch, author of "The Last Lecture: Realizing Your Childhood Dreams". As they watch the video, they should think about words and phrases that correspond with his story. This lesson is designed as a preview activity for students who will be studying "The Last Lecture: Realizing Your Childhood Dreams". This book was written Randy Pausch and is based on his last lecture, recorded live in 2007, and viewed by nearly 20 million people. The Web Links below include a link to a slightly edited version of Dr. Pausch's lecture, along with teaching-learning resources such as journal reflection questions, study guides, and rubrics. Note: Dr. Pausch was an inspiring professor of computer science, human computer interaction, and design at Carnegie-Mellon who was faced with living with terminal cancer. Dr. Pausch was the head of a research group that developed Alice, an open-source educational programming language used in schools to teach creative programming. HOW TO PLAY Students drag tags representing vocabulary words related to themes of "the Last Lecture" to definitions listed in the center of the screen. The lesson can serve as a disussion starter if played by pairs or small groups of students. CURRICULUM STANDARDS (CCSS -Applies to 9-12) RL.9-10.1, RL.11-12.1 Initiate and participate effectively in a range of collaborative discussions. R.L.9-10.4; R.L. 11-12.4 Determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in text. RESOURCES Cabarrus County, NC Last Lecture Lesson Plans (includes rubrics) Video: Randy Pausch Last Lecture (Edited for classroom use) Detailed Unit Plan with Common Core Standards (Alan, BYU, 2011) Alice (creative programming)


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