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Students watch an edited version of "Randy Pausch Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams" at As they watch, ask students to pay attention to the words of wisdom that Dr. Pausch shares, and ask them to think about how these ideas can inspire people to realize their childhood dreams and creative pursuits. (This lesson was designed to go along other lessons on the same topic, for this reason, students should also make note of the literary elements that were used by Dr. Pausche to make it function like a story.) Note: This video is was edited for use during a class period or assigned to be viewed at home. It can be divided into segments if needed. If students have been assigned to read "The Last Lecture" in addition to the video, the linked guides can be used/adapted for further discussion and writing assignments to extend the learning experiences for this topic. HOW TO PLAY This lesson function as a discussion starter for pairs or small groups of students. Students tap a discussion card and then share their thoughts and views about it, drawing on their personal ideas and experiences and what they've learned from the lecture. CURRICULUM STANDARDS (9-12) CCSS.ELA Literacy SL9-10.1; SL 11-12.1 Initiate and participate effectively in a range of collaborative discussions CCSS.ELA-LITERACY RL.9-10.2; RL.11-12.2 RESOURCES Prestwick House: How to Teach The Last Lecture Last Lecture weekly response guide Cabarrus County, NC Last Lecture Lesson Plans (includes rubrics) Detailed "Last Lecture" Unit Plan with Common Core Standards (Alan, BYU, 2011) Link to the Carnegie Mellon version of the video:


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