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Students listen to several versions of "All the Pretty Little Horses", starting with the version by folk singer Joan Baez, on YouTube at This video can be set to play at the beginning of the lesson. In the classroom setting, this lesson should be accessed in Snowflake MultiTeach, using the Zones feature, along with one or two videos of the same song, but different versions (see web links). The students can refer to the lyrics as they sing along. HOW TO PLAY This lesson serves as a reference for children learning about "All the Pretty Little Horses". To help students recall the lyrics, after listening and singing various versions, the children can mix up the words on each line and then put them in the correct order as they discuss their responses to the music. This lesson is designed to go along with a lesson from the National Association for Music Education (NAfME) in celebration of Music in Schools month. NAfME Lesson Overview, "All the Pretty Little Horses": "Throughout these lesson plan launching points, students will explore emotions in music, read written rhythms, and describe how musical accompaniment and movement can enhance a song. Ultimately, students will be able to put together an informance that leads into a culminating performance incorporating their own rhythmic accompaniments and movement." RESOURCES Links to the accompanying recordings of the song and related learning activities are outlined in the following lesson plan, which can be adapted for other grade levels: Music In Our Schools Month | General Music | 1st Grade Lesson Plan: "All the Pretty Little Horses"


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