The Snowflake MultiTeach® Lessons Community connects teachers everywhere

With the Snowflake MultiTeach® software, you can easily create your own interactive touch screen lessons for your classroom, in a matter of minutes.

As a member of the MultiTeach® Lessons Community, you can download lessons that other teachers created and even share your own.

With the Lessons app, you can create lessons that are in line with your curriculum.

You can even create lessons without a touch screen, simply by using your own computer.

How does it work?

Create lessons aligned with your own curriculum. Teach with the help of the easy to use Snowflake MultiTeach® software. Optionally, share your lessons with other teachers.

How to get started?

Check the video below and setup your MultiTeach® Lessons Community account.

You can also find a step by step guide and video training on our HELP PAGE

Ready to get started?