Browser Compatibility

The site supports Internet Explorer 10 and up, the latest Firefox, as well as the latest Chrome.

Snowflake MultiTeach® Compatibility

Lessons downloaded from the MultiTeach® Lessons Community, can only be used with Snowflake MultiTeach® 4.8.1 (released on the 6th of August 2015) and newer versions.

It is not possible to upload lessons that were created with versions of Snowflake MultiTeach® older than version 4.8.1. If you wish to upload lessons that you have created with older versions of Snowflake MultiTeach®, import them into the latest version of Snowflake MultiTeach®, export them and accordingly it is possible to upload them to the MultiTeach® Lessons Community.


To register an account, simply press the SIGN IN button in the top right.

Then press the Don't have an account? link.

After you enter your information, you'll receive an email with a confirmation. If you do not receive this email, please check your spam filter. Please contact us if you need any additional help with the registration.

First Login

To sign in, use the “SIGN IN” button in the top right.

The first time you sign in, you will be taken to your profile edit page, where you may fill in your name and other details.

The Navigation Toolbar

The Navigation Toolbar is visible on the top of the page. Here is some information about its contents:

  1. Site logo. Press this to go to the Frontpage.
  2. Lesson Upload button. Press this to get to the Lesson Upload page.
  3. Search. Search for users, lessons or groups (selected using the options in the automatic dropdown menu).
  4. Notifications. Information about new lessons from groups you are a member of etc.
  5. Profile.
    1. View profile. This is your main profile page.
    2. Edit profile. This is the same page that you reach on your first login.
    3. Liked Lessons. These are the lessons that you have liked.
    4. Groups. Shows you the group that you are a member of.
    5. Go to the Upload Lesson page.
    6. Go to the Create Group page.
    7. Logout.


The front page displays all lessons. You can select categories of lessons to display, as well as the order in which they are displayed. To display more lessons, simply scroll down the page.

Profile page

The profile page, displays amongst others the lessons belonging to one user (that may be yourself). As on the front page, you can sort and filter lessons. You can also sort the other display options.

You can visit your profile page using the Navigation Toolbar in the top. You can display other people's profiles by clicking on their names. Their names appear (for instance) in Lessons, searches and group displays.

Upload Lesson/Lesson Properties

Click on the UPLOAD LESSON button in the Navigation Toolbar in the top.

Upload Lesson File

Here you can upload a lesson to the MultiTeach® Lessons Community. A lesson is uploaded as a .lsns file that is exported from the Snowflake MultiTeach® Lessons app

Add Screenshots

Additionally you can attach up to three screenshots of the lesson. Screenshots can be taken within Snowflake MultiTeach®, using the F12 button on your keyboard. These screenshots are saved to your Documents\Snowflake MultiTeach\Screenshots folder.

Name of Lesson

Give your Lesson a name, for example Presidents of the US in the 1900’s.

Age Group

Here you select in the drop down menu, for which age group you have created the lesson.


Here you select in the drop down menu, which subject it covers, for example History.


Here you can write down a description of the lesson, for example “Cards lesson type covering the Presidents of the US in the 1900’s with 15 different presidents. The lesson type is in English and can be used for History lessons.”


The License field is used to select what license you wish to publish the lesson under. Please make sure you understand the license that you select, because you cannot change the license later on.


Select the country for which this lesson is applicable.

Lesson Type

Here you can select from the drop down menu, for which lesson type you have created this lesson, for example Cards, Match, Quiz or another lesson type.

Display options

The display options are used for adding a lesson to groups that you are a member of. If you are not an admin of the group(s) that you submitted the lesson to, it will need to be approved by a group admin, before it appears in the group(s). You can also set the lesson as private, in which case it can only be seen by members of the groups that you add it to. We however recommend you to upload lessons not as private, so that other teachers can benefit from the great lesson that you have created.

Please describe the lesson in as much detail as possible. This will make it easier for other teachers to find your lesson. Unlike the license field, you can edit all the other settings, so don't worry about mistakes made in these selections.

Finally, you can delete a lesson using the DELETE LESSON button furthest down on the page.

To edit a lesson you have uploaded, first click on View Profile in the navigation bar.

This will show you all the lessons that you have uploaded, and you can go to the lesson you want by clicking on it. When you are on the view lesson page, press the edit button in the top right.

Lesson Display

Press the heart icon to “like” a lesson. Press the download button to download the lesson. Downloaded lessons get the same filename as the name of the lesson (with underscore (_) replacing any spaces or symbols that can't be used in filenames).

You can comment on your own and other people’s lessons. You are able to delete your own comments on other people’s lessons, and any comments on your own lessons.

When you are viewing your own lesson, press the edit button (which is located in the top of the page), to go to the Lesson Properties page of that lesson.

Create Group/Group Settings

Go to the Create Group page via the profile icon in the top right. To get to Group Settings for an existing group, press the Edit button in the top right of the group page (only visible if you are the admin of the group).

After creating a group, you are taken directly to the Group Settings page. Here you can manage memberships and lessons.

You can use the Add members feature, to directly add members to the group via their email address. If the person in question is already a user, then they will appear under their set name in the members panel. If the person doesn't yet have an account on the community page, a membership will be reserved for them, and they will receive an email inviting them to join. When they make an account, they will then immediately become a member of the group. Note: Take care to input the correct email address.

When managing members, you can freely remove members or reservations, accept new members into the group and promote other people to admins. Note that all admins of a group are equal and can these tasks as well (also including the additional things noted below), so only make people you trust into admins.

Managing lessons involves accepting or rejecting lessons that non-admin members of the group wish to add to it. You can also remove a lesson from a group. Please note that this doesn't delete the lesson from the community.

You can delete a group using the DELETE GROUP button at the bottom of the page (deleting a group doesn't delete any lessons added to it).


Use the Report page (link in the top left of this page) to send reports about inappropriate behaviour and/or about copyright infringements.

Please include links to the offending content in the report.

If you are signed in, select the report type, describe the report and click the Submit button. If you are not signed in, you will be asked to fill out your email address and verify that you are human before you can send the report.

Sending a report will generate an email sent to the MultiTeach® Lessons Community administrator and store the report in a database for reference.

Getting started

Sign up as a user to the MultiTeach® Lessons Community

In this video tutorial we describe, how to sign up as a user of the MultiTeach® Lessons Community and set up a user profile.

Search, download and save a lesson

In this video tutorial we describe, how to search for, download, and save a lesson from the MultiTeach® Lessons Community Website.

Installing Snowflake MultiTeach®

  1. Please make sure that you have downloaded the latest version of Snowflake MultiTeach®. You can download it here:
  2. After you have downloaded Snowflake MultiTeach®, install it.
  3. After you have successfully installed Snowflake MultiTeach®, start the application.
  4. After you started the application you will see a prompt to log in to your Snowflake Account. If you don't yet have a Snowflake account yet you can see how to make one in the video tutorial below:

Export and save for upload

In this video tutorial we describe how to export and save a previously created lesson, to prepare for uploading it into the online MultiTeach® Lessons Community.

Uploading a lesson

In this video tutorial we describe, how to upload a lesson to the MultiTeach® Lessons Community and complete the settings.

MultiTeach® Lessons Community

In this training video we describe, how to sign up as a user of the MultiTeach® Lessons Community and set up a user profile.

In this training video we describe, how to search for, download, and save a lesson from the MultiTeach® Lessons Community Website.

In this training video we describe how to import a lesson into MultiTeach®, that you have downloaded from the MultiTeach® Lessons Community.

In this training video, we describe how to export and save a previously created lesson for uploading it into the online MultiTeach® Lessons Community.

In this training video we describe, how to upload a lesson to the MultiTeach® Lessons Community and complete the settings.

Snowflake MultiTeach®

In this training video, we discuss the main user interface, the corner menu, several key applications, multi-user collaboration with Zones and much more.

In this training video, we go through the Lessons home screen of Snowflake MultiTeach®.

In this training video, we explain the usage of the corner menu options in Snowflake MultiTeach®.

In this training video, we cover Zones and 180 degree interface flip.

MultiTeach® Lessons

Snowflake MultiTeach® - Lessons - Arrange

Snowflake MultiTeach® - Lessons - Scramble

Snowflake MultiTeach® - Lessons - Guess

Snowflake MultiTeach® - Lessons - Drop

Snowflake MultiTeach® - Lessons - Words

Snowflake MultiTeach® - Lessons - Sentences and Zones

Snowflake MultiTeach® - Lessons - Spinner

Snowflake MultiTeach® - Lessons - Cards - How to add video content

Snowflake MultiTeach® - Lessons - Tags

Snowflake MultiTeach® - Lessons - Quiz

Snowflake MultiTeach® - Lessons - Groups

Snowflake MultiTeach® - Lessons - Einstein

Submit a report

Inappropriate comments, lessons content, descriptions & user names.
Copyright infringement of uploaded content.

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When we were young kids, going to school wasn’t always as fun as it could have been.

Because of this, we felt that we wanted to make learning (and teaching) a lot more fun and exciting than it used to be. At the same time we wanted to make elementary / primary education more engaging and memorable. That is why we have created a multi-user collaborative touchscreen software for K-12 classrooms, called Snowflake MultiTeach®, so that pupils can learn by playing.

The Lessons app in MultiTeach®, gives you as a teacher, the ability to create interactive classroom lessons for front of class displays as well as mobile devices. You can either do this on the fly in the classroom, or at your pace on your own computer at home. In addition the great thing about Lessons is, that you literally in minutes can make lessons with your preferred content, so that you always have fresh, new and exciting material available for your pupils, no matter which subject you are teaching.

We have created the MultiTeach® Lessons Community, so that you as a teacher can download lessons from other teachers or share your own lessons with education enthusiasts.

Want to know how to get started? Have a look at our getting started guide.

Social and contact

Twitter Twitter

Facebook Facebook

Pinterest Pinterest



Q: After I downloaded a lesson, what do I do?

A: You can find this info in our getting started guide.

Q: Which version of MultiTeach® should I have in order to use the lessons from the MultiTeach® Lessons Community.

A: Lessons downloaded from the MultiTeach® Lessons Community, can only be used with Snowflake MultiTeach® 4.8.1 (released on the 6th of August 2015) and newer versions.

Q: How do I upload lesson to the MultiTeach® Lessons Community?

A: We have created a video tutorial in which we describe how to upload a lesson to the MultiTeach® Lessons Community.

Q: Do I need an account to use the MultiTeach® Lessons Community?

A: You can search for lessons and users without an account. If you create an account you can also download and upload lessons, as well as search lessons with search filters.

Q: Do you have any resources available?

A: We recommend you to have a look at the MultiTeach® Pinterest page, which you can find here:

Q: How do I sign up for the MultiTeach® Lessons Community?

A: We have created a video tutorial that describes exactly that and also shows you how to setup a user profile.

Q: How many lessons does the MultiTeach® Lessons Community have?

A: Together with our educational partners, teachers, children and school psychologists, we have carefully put together around 100 touchscreen lessons for you, to help you get started.

The MultiTeach® Lessons Community is a place created by teachers, for teachers. As this is a young site, we are looking forward to see teachers helping other teachers out and contribute by populating the community with more lessons. This way we can jointly help the community grow.

Q: What if I create a lesson, will it still work with future versions of MultiTeach®?

A: Yes. We are making sure that lessons that you create today will continue to work in the future.

Q: How do I export a lesson from MultiTeach®, so that I can upload it to the MultiTeach® Lessons Community?

A: We created a video, that describes how you export and save a lesson, so that you accordingly can upload it to the MultiTeach® Lessons Community:

Q: How do I share lessons with colleagues?

A: It is possible to create groups, for example specifically for your school and you can add your lessons there. You can either make these lessons private, so that only members of your group can see them. Or you can share them publically, which we encourage, so that more teachers can benefit from your creations.

Q: How do I use search and download a lesson?

A: In this video tutorial we describe, how to search for, download,and save a lesson from the MultiTeach® Lessons Community Website.